Assistant Manager - Academic Relations

Hyderabad, Telangana
Work Type: Full Time

1. Supports the marketing manager in carrying out various strategies and tasks.

Compiles, analyses, and reports marketing data. Helps maintain client


2. Conducts marketing campaigns and trade shows/ exhibitions to promote

brand awareness.

3. Works under the direction/guidance of his/her reporting authority to help reach

the organisation/company's marketing goals and objectives.

4. Research market trends, demographics, pricing strategies, and provides all

the relevant information that helps managers to develop marketing plans &


5. Analyses marketing data, surveys and other market research to look for

implementation of new patterns and trends for Sales & Marketing.

6. Stays updated with latest marketing trends, pricing and competitor activities

for evaluation of the current marketing program for further improvements and

positive results.

7. Creates graphs, reports, and detailed data analysis using the available

computer software as guided by his/her reporting authority.

8. Delivers reports on research findings through written documents and verbal


9. Assists in creating and in distribution of the required promotional materials,

including brochures, blogs, banners, pamphlets, ad posters etc., and the

relevant marketing aids well within the budget.

10.Provides assistance during the creation of mailers, coupons, website content,

and other promotional materials in regard to marketing/sales.

11.Helps maintain social media accounts for brands, products, or services and

the like.

12.Records marketing data in the required format along with related financial

reports for performing critical evaluations of the market inorder to develop new

strategies and marketing plans.

13.Helps maintain excellent client relationships through superior customer

service skills and seminars.

14.Organises and plans the production of all major marketing materials by

working closely with printers, sponsors, and other involved parties.

15.Helps to plan and organize promotional events hosted by the organisation

/company's marketing department.

16.Keeps client information and other marketing data confidential.

17.Mentors team members, identify areas for improvement and conduct on the

job training in co-ordination with Marketing Manager/Branch Manager.

18.Assist interviewing, recruiting, training, performance evaluation, promotion

and separation activities of the team.

19.Maintain customer relationship programs and track customer satisfaction.

20.Collaborate with his/her reporting authority to initiate new consumer promotion

campaigns and to develop consumer engagement plans.

21.Analyze sales data and determine sales forecast to promote

organization/company’s turnover.

22.Recommends creative and cost effective promotional activities.

23.Must think creatively and be able to respond well to pressure.

24.Should be a good communicator, persuasive, work well in a team, be

organized and professionally well presented.

25.Willing to travel inorder to promote the business activities.

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