Human Resources

Soft Skill Trainer

Hyderabad, Telangana
Work Type: Part Time

Job description

For Employees -

  • Presenting training sessions that are engaging and interactive to help participants retain information.
  • Conducting needs assessments to understand what employees already know and what they need to learn next.
  • Good Interpersonal skills .
  • Train, assess, and implement activities to improve email writing skills and grammar.
  • Design and expand training and development programs based on the needs of the organization and the individual.
  • Implementing language and culture modules training to new hires and on a recursive basis to employees on the floor.
  • Evaluate options for training delivery to determine the best method to get the outcomes needed.
  • Ensure that all training materials are produced to a professional standard and comply with Company standards.
  • Recognize and adopt best practices in Learning and Development
  • Maintain the quality and consistency of course content throughout a course life cycle.
  • Travel to other ACE offices to deliver training courses when needed.
  • Coordinating with other respective team members of the organizations and HR department to develop and deliver training programs.
  • Providing individualized instructions to employees who need help mastering new skills or improving existing skills to perform their jobs more effectively.
  • Create a structured training plan, train and monitor to check the improvements.
  • Track, maintain and publish all audit, training and improvement scores on periodic basis.
  • Work closely with HR team to understand the training needs .

For Students - We would look for someone who has expertise in below mentioned area and can help and mentor our students for the same

  1. Resume Building & LinkedIn Set up
  2. Mock Interviews
  3. Career Counselling
  4. Interview Question Bank
  5. Salary Negotiation
  6. Behavioral Coaching & Interview Strategy

what are we looking for in a candidate -

  • Excellent understanding of grammar, verbal, and written communication.
  • Pronunciation clarity.
  • Behavioral skills, leadership skills
  • Feedback techniques
  • Ability to motivate teams
  • Logical thinking
  • Experience in mentoring students .
  • Experience in solving multi-faceted problems in relevant domains and identifying problems and issues.

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